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Fellow on neurophotonics

Università del Salento - CNR NANOTEC

In the framework of the cooperation between CNR Institute of Nanotechnology (CNR NANOTEC) and University of Salento we are looking for highly motivated, enthusiastic and outstanding candidates for research positions in the areas of photonics and optoelectronics.
The successful candidates will work in the Advanced Photonics Group ( on joint projects born from the collaboration between University, CNR and different companies with the aim of obtaining a PhD position. Multidisciplinary research positions are offered, combining biological science, physics and advanced optical techniques, with research projects that include optical and electron microscopy, micro and nanofabrication, electrophysiology and single photon spectroscopy.
The project focuses on the optical excitation of single biological photoreceptors, such as retinal proteins with the aim to create synthetic cells with higher performance in terms of sensitivity, response speed and integration with standard biological neurons. A particular effort will be dedicated, in the first part of the project, on assessing the single photon sensitivity of selected photosensitive channel proteins by measuring ionic photocurrents in functionalized artificial lipidic membranes. The development of these systems will be useful in several applications such as the development of a new class of bio-inspired single photon detectors or new directions in the development of artificial retina systems.

CNR Institute of Nanotechnology (CNR NANOTEC) a research centers based in Lecce, Rome, Bari and Cosenza is a multidisciplinary research centre featuring more than 12000 sqm of newly built labs and clean rooms and more than 200 researchers coming from physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and engineering areas, including several recipients of awards from the European Research Council. CNR NANOTEC in collaboration with University of Salento is launching a new, long-term research programme to develop novel optoelectronic devices based on nanotechnologies for applications in building integration, smart textiles, lighting, sensor and few photon detection.