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Fondazione Bruno Kessler - FBK

IRIS Research Unit carries out R&D activities on advanced radiation and image sensors fabricated within both full custom and standard CMOS technologies. The main research activities of the group are on the design and characterization of silicon radiation detectors, single-photon sensors and advanced image sensors.
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Job Description

The successful candidate will work primarily on the development of highly innovative CMOS sensors targeting specialty image sensors with single-photon detection and/or embedded processing capabilities.
The candidate, although with a strong focus on the mixed-signal integrated circuit design, is expected to participate to the entire development flow in a cooperative and structured team, starting from the modeling of the detector to the definition of the sensor architecture, from the design and simulations of the circuit schematics to the chip layout, and finally taking care of the electrical and functional characterization of the fabricated devices up to the module level.

These activities will be carried out in the framework of private cooperations with companies and institutions in the context of integrated circuits for sensing, imaging and single-photon detection. The activity will be carried out in collaboration with other researchers involved in the relative projects. Finally, the candidate is requested to actively contribute to the scientific dissemination of the group.

The Bruno Kessler Foundation (FBK) conducts research activities in Information Technology, Materials and Microsystems, Theoretical Physics, Mathematics, Italian-Germanic historical studies, Religious studies and International Relations. Through its network, it also develops research in the fields of international relationships, conflict causes and effects, European economic institutions, behavioral economics and evaluative assessment of public policies.