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Junior developer


We Grow Your Talent!

Our commitment to training is reflected into many initiatives.

One of these is Fincons Group Academy, wich is the historical business school, designed to empower the synergy between education, research and business.
A new Fincons Academy will start in Trento, Milano, Verona in January 2022, at the end of the which successful candidates will join the Company.

The Academy offers free training courses for high-school and university graduates in computer science or engineering field, with the aim of introducing them into the world of labour.

Applicants, through job training and working experience in the Company, will gain an understanding of software basics and will have an overview of the main new web technologies in order to work proficiently.

If your ambition is to train and grow your career in a high-challenging and structured Company, please send your application now!

Apply here and let’s design the innovation togheter!

It’s required the availability to make business travel.

Fincons Group si è affermata con successo sul mercato internazionale distinguendosi per la propria esperienza e profonda conoscenza dei processi che gravitano intorno al mondo dell'Information Technology.

Il Gruppo si è reso protagonista negli anni di una crescita continua, ed è oggi una multinazionale della consulenza informatica, caratterizzato da un modello operativo basato su Business Unit focalizzate su diversi mercati: Media, Energy & Utilities, Financial Services, Transportation, Manufacturing e Public Administration.