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Research Fellow: development of innovative materials and wearable optoelectronic devices

Università del Salento - CNR Nanotec

In the framework of ECOTEC project, we are looking for highly motivated, enthusiastic and outstanding candidates for research positions.
ECOTEC project aims to create a technological platform to develop formulations (based on small molecules, polymers, organic and inorganic hybrids in solution and thin-film) and innovative sustainable processes for the production of fabrics and innovative garments for the active protection of the worker, based on optoelectronic systems integrated on fabric.
Research activities will be focused on the development of materials, technologies and processes for the integration of optoelectronic devices onto fabric and the creation of clothing for the active protection of the workers in risk areas, improving safety conditions in the workplace. Innovative technologies will also be developed, based on nanotechnologies and sustainable processes, to impart functional properties to tissues such as antibacterial, self-cleaning, anti-odor, resistance to abrasion and ultraviolet radiation and antistatic.

The CNR Institute of Nanotechnology (CNR NANOTEC), with headquarter in the University of Salento (Lecce) and research centers in Rome, Bari and Cosenza is a multidisciplinary research centre featuring more than 12000 sqm of newly built labs and clean rooms and more than 200 researchers coming from physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and engineering areas, including several recipients of awards from the European Research Council. CNR NANOTEC in collaboration with the University of Salento is launching a new, long-term research programme to develop novel optoelectronic devices based on nanotechnologies for applications in energy storage. The final purpose of this research is the development of a new generation of devices that can promote a technological transition toward environmental sustainability.