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Software Integrator [Valencia, Sevilla, Murcia or Milán]


Your role:

Your main challenge will be achieving full integration of SaaS EDI solutions for electronic billing and tax compliance (VAT Compliance, e-Reporting, etc.).

Placing our technical consulting service at the centre, you will be involved in all phases of the integration project: everything ranging from assessment of tasks received through Project Management and coordinated by Team Management, discussion of these tasks in the Daily Scrum, execution of planned tasks, training and customer support.

How to overcome the challenge?

- Your first step in EDICOM will consist of taking part in an approximately six-week full-time specialization course, in which we will teach you all about SaaS EDI, e-invoicing and tax compliance.
- Once you have the sprint delimited and you have your tasks defined, assessed and assigned in your backlog, you will be able to manage your time to achieve the scheduled targets.
- Your tasks will include automation of ERP format conversions (IDOC, .CSV, XML, JSON, etc.) from the sender to other standard formats (EDIFACT, ODETTE, X12, VDA, PEPPOL, XML UBL) for integration with the ERP format of the recipient. To do so:
* As the need arises and with some experience, you will be able to make customized developments (reports), analyse the clients’ needs and take care of their development. You will also take note and transfer the requirements for new screens to the R&D (Research and Development) area to develop these new functionalities.
* You will parameterize the SaaS EDI for the client so that it is perfectly suitable for the project.
* You will be setting the parameters for the various secure communication protocols (API, AS2, Web Service, RESTFul,
Java Adapter, SFTP, OFTP2, etc.) for sending information between companies. Carrying out communications tests.
* Depending on each project and as per client requirements, you will be programming in JavaScript to suit the integration model needed by the customer.
* Through time, you will be giving advice and generating integration proposals adapted to the client’s format. You will be the one who decides what to do and when within the Sprint.
* You will program the transformation between the different data formats between the client’s ERP and the target’s standard ERP.
* You will be in charge of the testing phase (functional trials) before rollout.
* You will train the client and provide them with technical support.
* You will run the go live and stabilisation phase.

We will accompany you with recurrent and continuous tutorials, every three months throughout the first year, so that you feel guided.

EDICOM is a multinational leader in integration of B2B applications and services between companies, with work offices located in Valencia, Seville, Paris, Milan, Mexico City, New York, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Casablanca and Bogota. At EDICOM we work with cutting-edge technologies such as Angular, Docker or Kubernetes and are constantly researching new technologies that can provide scalability and security to all our cloud-based services.