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Junior Branch Accountant



Supervising & monitoring all the branch accounting activities, managing the local accounting team with the job shift of 90 days ON and 15 days OFF


- He/she is responsible for the correct and timely bookkeeping of the companies assigned to him. He manages and organizes the accounting of the passive and active cycle of the companies, ensuring the correct and timely availability of accounting data.

- He/she coordinates and supervises the finance and administration team of the companies assigned to him according to the directives of the Country F&A Manager.

- He/she is responsible for monitoring and controlling cash, verifying each item of expenditure and compliance with company procedures. He/she creates the necessary reports for the headquarter accounts and is responsible for the timely and systematic transmission of the same to the F&A Department.

-He/she monitors the financial needs or surplus of the companies assigned to him and is responsible for obtaining or repaying financial resources, ensuring the normal course of production activities.

- He represents the Group in relations with third parties and bodies involved in administrative and accounting activities in general.

- He supports the Director, the PMs and the Managers of the real estate structures in carrying out their activities.

-Reports functionally to the Country F&A Manager

Le principali attività di Renco comprendono servizi di consulenza, fornitura di personale tecnico, servizi di ingegneria e costruzione per i settori dell'energia e del gas, nonché per il settore delle infrastrutture civili.